Ell-Gro Polypropylene Elliptical Channel


ELL-GRO Hydroponic Polypropylene Elliptical Channel is "clean and green" and is the first Australian Hydroponic channel to meet Australian and New Zealand FOOD GRADE STANDARDS.
It is green in colour and is wrapped in 80um polyurethane film to keep clean during delivery by either road, rail or ocean going transport.

Polypropylene is noted for it's low thermal transmission, while the elliptical shape allows the nutrient to pass directly through the roots of the plants.

The channel comes in two sizes 120mm x 53mm and 182mm x 70mm. Caps and clips are available for both sizes.

The ELL-GRO polypropylene channel is manufactured in 6 meter lengths and comes pre-drilled with 50mm planting holes. These holes can be drilled out to a lesser diameter and at spacings that suit your individual requirements.

Channel can be easily freighted within Australia by road transport and can be shipped internationally by container.

The versatility of the Ell-Gro system will allow commercial crops farmers to grow multi-acre produce such as herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables - reducing on farm costs and helping to increase yield and profit.

The Ell-Gro System is best suited for NFT Systems (Nutrient Film Technique). You can grow produce directly from the polypropylene channels or in our new nutrient recovery pot/bag system.

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