Ag-Bact / Water Polish



Ell-Gro Ag-Bact Water polish consists of thirty varietel aerobic (pro-biotics) bacteria. These pro-biotics are cultures in a registered NATA micro-biological laboratory using a recipe compiles by agricultural scientists.

We do not freeze dry these cultures, but use another process, which ensures that the cultures have a greatly extended shelf life, when stored as per recommended directions.

The pro-biotic compilation has thirty, totally balanced, benign agricultural bacteria. The most important being the inclusion of five tricaderma varieties.

1. Neutral
2. Warm to higher temperatures
3. Cold to cooler temperatures

While warm to higher temperatures are sub-tropical to tropical, cool aerated nutrient is required as oxygen is rapidly depleted at 30 degrees C and higher. Anaerobic pathogens proliferate in these conditions. Ag-Bact Water Polish Pro-Biotics, culture the above cold to colder temperatures require, splash systems oxygenation only. Neutral requires no help at all. Thus the full temperature range is covered by that activation is immediate safe.

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