Aeration Cooling Towers


The ELL-GRO aeration cooling tower was designed by Des Boxsell to effectively cool the nutrient solution that feeds the hydroponic channel. Nutrient solutions with an ambient temperature of 30 degrees C and higher essentially "cook" the roots and drastically reduce the oxygenation process needed for aerobic and probiotic organisms to do their work in controlling root disease. The cooling tower can reduce the nutrient temperature by as much as 6 to 7 degrees C against the ambient air temperature. This can make a huge difference in conditions not otherwise practicable. The cooling tower system is totally sealed, eliminating any evaporation and splash over nutrient loss.

Benefits include -

Greater oxygen absorption in the nutrient solution

Reduction in the use and cost of needed probiotic

Extraction of heavier than air gases in nutrient solutions

Enhanced action of aerobic and probiotic organisms through effective nutrient solution aeration

Growers can expect to not only save production costs but also generate additional revenue as a result of installing an aeration cooling tower...a worthwhile investment in the ongoing protection of your crop.

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