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Ell-Gro Hydroponics have designed and manufactured a hydroponics system for the domestic market. Called "Home Tables", the hydroponic system takes up a minimum of space, measuring just 3 metres in length and only 1.42 metres wide.
Table legs are adjustable, so you can adjust to optimum level to suit your individual height.

The Ell-Gro Systems Home Table comprises of six lengths of 120x53mm oval channel, each with twelve 50mm holes for growing produce. All up that's 72 plants you can have under cultivation at one time...all growing in your own suburban back yard.

There's no end to what you could grow at home to feed the family. All with high nutritional value and chemical free. Check out our applications page to see what can grow.

Included in the Home Table kit are three pot/bag systems that clip into the hydroponic channel to grow larger plants like tomatoes...even paw paw trees can be grown in these pot/bag systems. You can even grow produce in bags without the pot. Three bags (plus the three pots) also come complete with the kit.


The Ell-Gro System Home Table also saves water and makes efficient use of this precious resource. The water (with nutrient) is stored in a small tank underneath the table and is circulated by a small /quite/energy effecient 240 volt submersible water pump.
Evaporation is minimal and the tank can be toped up as the plants grow, absorbing the water and nutrient.


Included in the kit is a seed tray to allow you to grow your own seedlings. Simply ad vermiculite into the seed tray, plant your seeds, wait for them to grow a little then extract from the seed tray and place into the holes in the channel on the Home Table.
Vermiculite sold separately. CLICK HERE to see our seedling page. It will give you an idea of how the seedling with the vermiculite looks.


Once assembled you simply fill the tank with water and add some nutrient. The nutrient is not included in the kit, however we can supply you with a nutrient that is best suited for this system. Once you have transplanted the seedings from the seed tray into the hydroponic channel, sit back and let nature take her course. Within a few short weeks you'll be harvesting your own fresh produce for the dinner table, enjoying the crisp fresh taste of chemical free home grown fruit and vegetables. Plus the satisfaction of growing your food for yourself at home.

The kit is disassembled for transporting and the components are carefully packed to help ensure safe freight.
It's a worthwhile investment for healthy eating.


Galvanised steel frame.
6 x 3m channel with 50mm holes.
Drain end and 6 feeder end caps.
All tube and fittings.
3 x pot/bag systems
3 x bags
3 x P4 4lph drippers
Tank with lid
240 volt water pump
Regulator tap valve

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