Automated Nutrient Dosers

TPS System

Ell-Gro larger pump system


Boxsell Hydroponics are distributors for TPS hydro-CHEM-DS hydroponic dosing system for the automation of nutrient dosing with the ELL-GRO system. Boxsell Hydroponics can also provide a larger pump system to attach to the TPS Auto Doser for farms with over 40 tables.

"Auto Dosers" are usually mounted in the pumping station and work in-line with your water pumping and reticulation system and allow automated dosing of nutrients, plus the control of EC and pH of nutrients. Different crop types and climatic conditions will undoubtedly require different elements.

Auto Dosers also provide other important statistical data such as -

EC (Electrical Conductivity)
pH data
Flow rate
24 hour calander calibration

The Ell-Gro larger pump unit has a total of five pumps.
A and B larger nutrient pumps coupled together (twice) and a larger pH pump on the side.

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