Commercial crop farmers are able to
undertake their own installation
with ease


Aeration Cooling Towers and
Auto Dosers may require
our expert installation


Farmers currently growing commercial crops using hydroponic methods will find installation of Ell-Gro Hydroponic Products simple as the same fundamental basics apply. In fact, commercial hydroponic farmers have found that our superior product makes the job much easier.

From past customer experience, we have found that farmers converting from traditional Multi-Acre cultivation have no problems in installing the Ell-Gro Hydroponic System themselves.

We do not offer a full on farm installation service at this stage as we have found that there is very little demand for this service as most farmers prefer and enjoy undertaking their own installation as each application is designed to suit individual requirements.

We can however recommend an experience contractor to provide the on farm set up.

Our design service is totally comprehensive and can be easily followed by experienced farmers. In cases where aeration cooling towers and auto dosers are to be installed we can provide an installation service for these products.