Peter Galvin
from Hillview Hydroponics
Mt Kelly   Nth Queensland
Won best Tomato Award
Burdekin Region
Using the Ell-Gro
Hydroponic Channel System


Our best endorsement are our customers.
The majority of which are commercial crop farmers.
Large scale hydroponic farming is now a global issue an we service a wide range of hydroponic growers nationally and internationally.

Many of our customers are existing hydroponic farmers that have converted over to our Ell-Gro System and we have a large customer base of small crop farmers who have converted from traditional multi-acre farming to hydroponics.

Essentially, our commercial crop farmers realise the benefits of hydroponic farming, especially when implementing our technology. These benefits are -

Reduce cultivation area
Reduce outgoing costs
Maximise Yield
and the advantage for you is

Peter Galvin
Peter & Denise Galvin have been commercially producing hydroponic lettuce, tomatoes, herbs and other small crops for several years at their Mt Kelly farm in North Queensland using Ell-Gro products.

The Galvins can plant and harvest 52 weeks of the year. They produce their own lettuce seedlings which take about 5 weeks to develop. The young lettuce is then transplated to the Ell-Gro hydroponic polypropylene pipe where within 3 weeks it is ready for harvest.

Peter Galvin said the hydroponics industry would take off in the future because of the environmentally friendly nature of the process. "We have less insect problems because the vegetables are grown off the ground and therefore we don't use much insecticides," he said.