Hydroponic Advice

Des Boxsell offers all the advice
necessary for commercial
hydroponic customers


Des Boxsell took an established hydroponic method and squashed it flat! When it comes to thinking outside the square for horticultural ideas, Des took it literally.

A successful hydroponics grower for many years, Des realized that there was a far better way to shape hydroponic channel than the conventional shaped channel available at the time.

Technology in the world of hydroponics has now been revolutionised with Des Boxsell's oval shaped polypropylene food grade channel. Existing hydroponic growers from all over the world are changing over from the previous circular and square channel systems to the new oval shaped channel.

Now hydroponic farmers around the world are using the knowledge of the self-made inventor who designed and now manufactures a hydroponic channel system that minimizes water wastage and feeds plant with a continual flow of nutrients.

As the inventor and manufacturer of this improved technology, Des Boxsell is totally qualified and able to advice his customers on all facets of commercial hydroponic crops farming.

At Boxsell Hydroponics we don't just sell products to our customers. That's just the beginning of our commitment to our clients. Each farmers requirements are different and each farmer needs individual advice to best suit their location, climate and types of crops cultivated.

When we commit to a customer we're in it for the long term providing all the advice necessary from our vast world of experience in hydroponics.