About Us


Boxsell Hydroponics is a family owned and operated business. Designed and manufactured in Australia by former hydroponics farmer Des Boxsell, the Ell-Gro hydroponics system minimises water wastage and feeds plants with the minimum flow of nutrients required.

The system has been implemented by farmers within Australia, the Pacific Island Region and throughout the world. Many farmers have converted from traditional farming methods to the Ell-Gro hydroponic system, drastically reducing the previous area of cultivation, increasing the yield per hectare and increasing the number of yields per annum. At the same time reducing production costs. In many areas of commercial crop production, hydroponics can help increase farm profits.

Boxsell Hydroponics can also assist you in new farm design and farm conversion and can provide operational training and ongoing professional advice at all stages.

The Ell-Gro hydroponic system can be supplied as a complete system right though to the ongoing supply of nutrients or components of your choice.